Weary Weekend

Personal / Monday, January 15th, 2018

New to us car? CHECK. Brought it home from Emerling on Friday afternoon. Wheee!

When cleaning out the truck this week, we found one of these. I cried. Sentimental Jenny.

Bye-bye ol’ truck. You brought me back and forth to HWMMS when we were first dating, drove us to and from Weber Wedding Weekend and helped us move to our forever home at Weber Wonderland.

Yeah, I cried.

Saturday? Our other vehicle, DIED. No joke. HWMMS traced it to some kind of electric issue with the gears. Bah. Still at one set of wheels after all.

No writing in days…my soul is sluggish. I just want to cuddle and snuggle under the warm blankies forever.

Things I accomplished this weekend: Baked a bunch of homemade bread and roasted a turkey.

Of course I couldn’t even do the bread baking right. I started to proof the yeast and then realized we had 4 cups of flour total left in the pantry. Not quite enough to make 8 loaves as planned.

Things HWMMS accomplished this weekend: Researched and removed some contraption from underneath the Subaru, bought a plug? and welded? back together a broken part to make the gears in the car work again. Oh and replaced a rusty pin? of some sort to fix the Penguin Humidifier. His brain amazes me.

He wins. Although the bread is delicious. Homemade bread is a BILLION times better than store bought bread. Why do I not make homemade bread all the time?

Oh and while I was muddling along. HAWAII happened. WTF! The entire Hawaii story is unacceptable. The mistake happening in the first place, really? And 38 minutes to correct, REALLY? Unacceptable in our world today.

And what a shift of perspective.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?