Weber Quotables

Holidays, HWMMS, Weber Wonderland / Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Weber Quotables

Me: Is it still snowing?
HWMMS: I don’t wanna look…

Me: I’m making one of your favorite cookies…
HWMMS: Jameson?
Me: Um, that’s not a cookie.
HWMMS: My favorite cookie is a clean kitchen.

Me: I’m making an executive decision, stop decorating, take a break. Let me finish my coffee then we can start.
HWMMS: Let me just finish the garland. I can’t leave the tree half garlandized.

HWMMS: Oh my god there are so many penguins. MAPA! Make America Penguin Again!

HWMMS: No, Baby Jesus cannot have bread.
Me: What? Oh you’re talking to the manger.


HWMMS: This is actually a rather gruesome song, Hippotomai kill a lot of people in India.
(No idea, don’t ask…)