Weber Wedding Weekend Invitation

After COUNTLESS hours of browsing wedding websites and Pinterest and I do mean countless hours. I’m happy to share our Wedding Invitation. Graphic Designer: Ms. Heather Lazickas.

Front of Invitation:

THIS invite is the one He Who Makes Me Smile liked best. (I was leaning toward this idea.) I totally and completely loved the *Eat, Drink and Be Married* line I kept seeing everywhere, so I knew it needed to be front and center.

Back of Invitation:

I combined a bunch of quirky wording samples from various places to create the back side. Heather chose the font selection, spacing, sizing. Loved. It. Not to mention she was smart enough to make the invitation fit a regular postage stamp!

RSVP Response Postcard:

I wanted to keep it simple, so a postcard was a no-brainer. Of course we spent extra on the matching LOVE stamps for return postage. Have you seen the amount of ugly awful postcard stamps out there?

The mad lib ideaI found in a few different places. The ONLY mistake I found in the invitation—I put WE instead of I/We am/are in the 2nd line. Being the person who always chose to go solo to my friends weddings, it KILLS me that I overlooked this detail. (Sorry friends…)

Last but not least, I found this adorable song request card and the concept stuck with me.


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?