Weber Wedding Weekend Invitations

Wow. Little did I know how indecisive MULTIdecisive I would become when it came down to deciding on an invitation! There are so, so, so many beautiful ideas out there in the world. Can you say letterpre$$? I’ve had a hard time narrowing down my options. I want all the options!!!

A while ago I asked my friend Heather if she would design our wedding invitation and she graciously agreed. (Thank you Heather!) Of course, this means we had to formulate an idea. I narrowed down my many options to about four and sent them over to He Who Makes Me Smile to get his opinion. He had one specific like out of the four…which SHOULD have made me happy and decisive! But instead, it made me go back and look for even MORE inspiration.

I know, I know.

I realize the invitation is something that no one will remember. I can’t remember what my friends invites looked like. But you see, I want people to remember our invitation—I want it to represent US as a quirky couple and our awesome fun casual wedding weekend. Hahaha. Yes, I know this isn’t going to happen…but I can hope, right? So it’s been a really fun search and search and more of a search. But I’m happy to report I’m very, very close. (I have to be those babies are gonna need to go to print soon!)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?