Wednesday Weddingments!

Kind of like Randomments but you know All Things Wedding instead, I save these little snippets for Wednesday. Only because of the alliteration.

  • Being engaged is like our own personal Christmas/Birthday celebration! I’m so touched by all the well-wishes and cards and happy! I started putting our cards on the shelf to display just like Christmas. Wheeee!
  • Celebration Happy Hour. Adorableness ensues when your GUY FRIEND comes up to you immediately and asks to see the hardware. (Also, love that people shake He Who Makes  Me Smile’s Hand…) That Tom is a keeper I’m telling you, some lady needs to snatch him up, stat!
  • Engagement Breakfast! My Aunt Ellen and Uncle Ken treated us to Engagement Breakfast at Knead the Dough on Saturday morning. Super sweet thought. Thank you!
  • I was a grumpy, grumpy girl this past weekend. He Who Makes Me Smile told me to look at my sparkly ring—he added the grump protection plan which adds more sparkly when I’m in a grumpy mood. Cute, eh? Love him.
  • I sent an email out on a proofing round and one of my friends wrote back, oh and by the way “You’re engaged!”  So adorable.
  • At work my boss said to me “I think he’s just stopping in to see you. You need to flash him that ring!”
  • I had wedding talk coffee/grilled cheese with TB Erin last night.  I recall after she got engaged hanging out and talking the deets (and looking at wedding dresses she had saved on her laptop!) SEE He Who Makes Me Smile—tis not just me!
  • My two favorite websites lately? Rustic Wedding Chic and Sparkle and Hay. I had no idea my type of dream picnic wedding had a *genre* attached to it! Who knew?
  • I have a severe addiction to Pinterest the last few weeks. If it’s red, yellow, springy, daffodilly, picnicy I’ve probably pinned it!
  • He Who Makes Me Smile came home from a QCRG meeting last night with a business card from the person in charge of the Marketing Committee. “I volunteered us to help, I thought this was something the two of us can do together as a married couple.” AS A MARRIED COUPLE! VOLUNTEERING! I love, love, LOVE this man!
  • Registry? Um…we set up our charity registries already I know, I know tis early but this is something I’ve been excited to do ALL MY LIFE! We hope our friends/family will support the charities we love and honor our loved ones with meager $27 donations to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Kiwanas Club of Niagara Falls, Old Fort Niagara and/or Aquarium of Niagara (PENGUINS!)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?