Wednesday Weddingments!

Weber Wedding Weekend / Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Kind of like Randomments but you know All Things Wedding instead, I’ll save these little snippets for Wednesday. Only because of the alliteration.

1. Maggie asked to see my hand while standing in line in the bathroom during a theater intermission last week. At which point the women around me all oooed and ahhhed and offered congratulations and gushed over my sparkly ring. Really? Women are nuts. But I thought it was adorable all the same.

2. “I had the craziest dreams…while reading through your blog and attending the fair with you that I picked up on the fact that you wanted me to craftily weave together your two themes…..NASCAR style racing black and white flags and hippie tye dye. Oh lord help me LOL!”

3. When my niece asked me when I was going to get married I said maybe Fall…her answer was “It’s FALL NOW!”

4. I was asking friends about possible weekends and Shannon in Boston answered “I’ll be there if it’s a Tuesday in January :>)” Tee hee!

5. After getting off the phone with my bestie Mary in Maryland she booked a plane ticket to come visit in November…she hasn’t even met He Who Makes Me Smile yet! I’m soooooooooooooooo excited! 🙂

6. I’m assuming this comes with the being a blogger and heavily networked territory but oh my goodness, I have been *friendly solicited* by at least 10 people in the last week for everything under the sun regarding a wedding so far including: someone who writes vows, makes invitations, photographs, favors, event planning, do the ceremony and provide a venue location. Is this normal?

7. My mama sent engagement cards in the mail for us. They made me cry, happy cry.*


*The one on the left has angels labeled Mr. Smith—my dad and Mrs. Weber—He Who Makes Me Smile’s mama)

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