What a fantastic day!

All in a Days Work, Personal / Thursday, September 7th, 2006

What a fantastic day! All week I have not been able to get out of bed in the morning. Just do not want to get up. Which is odd, because I was kinda liking that extra time in the morning before I make it into the office.

All week, I have had to stay at work until, well about 7ish…no complaints, just a busy week. Some weeks are busier than others.

And today? I had to be in the office an hour early as well. So why am I in such a fantastic mood?

Well…my afternoon meeting was for a fundraiser I have been working on with really fantastic people, NFL 101. We did our final walk-through before the event, and let me tell you, I was giddy as a school girl. Hanging out in the M&T club, which has the most BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS view of the field…walking through the tunnel and on the field, which seems so very small without the 73,000+ fans. I CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT TUESDAY! Meeting the players, doing the drills…should be a BLAST! And since I was in charge of finding volunteers to help us out, I have a few friends/family members attending as well. (Thank you!!!) Football is in the AIR! Gosh, I love this time of year.

And after that meeting, which ended MUCH earlier than planned (which means more work for me in the morning!) I headed out to a lovely home in Orchard Park for an informational meeting about the Junior League of Buffalo. Can I tell you that I was MADE for this kind of group? 😉 This meeting was more mingling than meeting- wine/cheese and crackers and fruits and wraps and desserts and coffee…and conversation. (Sorry to Jen, Lauren and Dayna who went to other meetings, I think the private home route was probably the best one!!!) When I got there, I realized that I knew one of the women from law school (and former place of employment) and another woman was a cousin of my friend from work, Chris (who is also a member!) And another woman was a cousin of my friend Jen…and another woman…you get the idea. Small world after all. I enjoyed every bit of the evening, even taking time out to sit with the *sustainers* and chat about life. What a fabulous group of women. I am quite excited! : )

I know, I know, cheezy right? But I love this stuff…I was after all the spirit chair of my sorority for two consecutive years (before moving over to VP of External Affairs for Panhellenic) Sisterhood, Community, Service and Leadership. Being a member of Alpha Delta Pi in college really reinforced the values that made me the person I am today. I took advantage of the leadership development, networking opportunities, and leaning how to plan fundraisers and events and manage volunteers. And of course the parties were fun too, c’mon who are we kidding? 😉 Mark might not be able to handle loving a Junior League Woman but I’ll change his ways, I can charm him…Although I doubt he will fill in one of my shifts at the show house next year (unless my brother is coerced as well, I can see the two of them with *Show House* aprons on!)

So all in all, I had a great day/night. Considering I am not even a member yet, and I helped to recruit people for this new class, I think I am off to a great start, get me to a leadership position! Actually, I will have to have some kind of a leadership position, cause I sure ain’t gonna be the woman who hosts events at her house. Not for at least 27 more years and until Mark becomes a famous artist and/or I publish a few books, bestsellers of course.

The only thing left for me to REALLY do before I am a completely settled and well rounded person, ok, a few things…would be…1. Start getting myself to church on Sunday, 2. Sing. 3. Get thee on a Board of Directors or two. Oh and TRAVEL, Get Published (or die trying) Get Married and Have Children, maybe buy a house? I guess I have a few more things before I consider myself a real adult.

Oh well, a Junior League woman I shall be, anyhow. I will befriend the adults and be glad. Of course then I will make sure to grab a drink at the Old Pink and do a few tequila shots with my non junior league type friends. Because that my dear friends, is what life is all about. Variety.

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