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Randomments / Monday, May 24th, 2010

I remember being a kiddo sitting by Grandma Smith watching Wheel of Fortune on the big ol console tele. Every. Single. Night.

Way back when the contestants would SHOP for their winnings instead of just collecting $. Do you remember?

“Pat, I’ll take the leg lamp for $75. And the large ceramic dalmatian dog for $250.”

I never liked Wheel after they got rid of the shopping aspect. Everyone claps too much and Vanna doesn’t even have to turn the letters, she just lightly touches them and the letter appears. No clever categories like “Before and After” existed. And for the final puzzle, you didn’t automatically get RSTLNE before choosing your letters.

However, in the past year I’ve sort of…slightly become a dare I say it a fan of Wheel.

But not in a Facebook *like* fan kind of way.

(Grandma Smith is rolling over in her grave, and Gma passed in 1989 which tells you how old Wheel is!)

I crept into the fandom of Wheel slowly. It started with the Tuesday Night Happy Hour with the gang that somehow lasts past 7. And at that point, you have to stay because JEOPARDY is on at 7:30 and WHO DOESN’T LOVE JEOPARDY! Not to mention I end up with backups on the bar that I didn’t use yet because I talk too much. Leave. No. Free. Drink. Behind. (Says the non-profit career woman.)

Besides, I really do love JEOPARDY.

Unfortunately WHEEL OF FORTUNE comes on at 7:00 pm and Jeopardy not until 7:30.  What’s a gal to do hanging out with all her Tuesday Friends?


I realized last week that I’m a pretty good assist.

Me: “It’s Still Rock and BLANK to Me” (in my head—Rock and…Blank and…)


And the arena blasts GOAL! Maggie Shea GOAL assisted once again by Jennifer Smith.

(Many times hockey is on the other TV at the bar on Tuesday.) 🙂

What was the point of this post again?

Oh! Yeah! An Amherst Woman is a contestant on Wheel of Fortune tonight. See?

Bobby pointed out the best part of the story was the comment he circled in red. (Of course red.) W H _ C _ R E S.

Mr or Ms. Commenter, I’ll buy a vowel, an O and solve the puzzle.

I care. Dude, it’s WHEEL!

GO AMHERST WOMAN! (Just don’t get the Black Spin of Bankrupt which is the ONLY acceptable time for no clapping during the gameshow.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?