When Do We Start Packing?

After all our Real Estate doors and windows are finally closed and locked I will have lots of tales to tell, however right now I am only wondering one thing… (Only one thing I will ask on the blog anyhow…)

When is it too soon to start packing without fear of JINXING a closing date?

We made it past the negotiations, the contract signing, the first deposit, the inspections, the appraisal, the second deposit…but…

I still feel like it’s a bit of a dream, too good to be true and certainly not happening IN TWO WEEKS! (Give or take a day or two.)

I’m hesitant to call movers to get the process in motion…we haven’t quite figured out when we want to move, especially since we are still trying to decide if want to paint the entire first floor before moving in. THAT requires more phone calls, a bunch of work and deciding on a color scheme for the living room and the very high ceiling foyer! (I’m at a loss despite spending about a month of time on Pinterest and Houzz.)

Thoughts? When did YOU start packing when under contract and waiting for closing?

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?