Where are you Prospero?

Food & Drink, Western New York / Sunday, May 9th, 2010

“…we need you more than ever now…”

Every time I think of Prospero Restaurant and Catering (the Italian place behind Kleinhans Music Hall that I frequently, frequent) I get the Ron Hawkins (Lowest of the Low) song “Sincero” stuck in my head. Not that either of these things are bad mind you. In fact quite the opposite!

Right Rick?


And Pete?

Pete :)

Love these men (And hello, handsome!)

And not only for the drink they pour or the hospitality (hugs and kisses) or letting a weary staff of six come through the back door right before closing time to keep the bar open for us and Betty White.

Prosepero loves Me :)

Or the fact that they let me sign a cork and keep it displayed on their wine shelf. Although that makes me quite happy.

Nope. Tis a much more primal love.

The love of good, good food.

Veal Marissa

The Veal Marissa was probably one of the best dinners I’ve ever had. Ever. So tender and flavorful. Artichoke melting in my mouth. And cheese tortellini as my side of pasta. Dear God, pure bliss. I wasn’t even a fan of artichokes before this dish…now, I can’t get enough.

Chicken Marsala

No really. I wasn’t kidding. I went back for more twice in one week (bad for a non-profit salary but so, so good for lifelong happiness.) Do you SEE the hundreds of capers on this Chicken Marsala? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Man, I’m hungry. Wonder if I can sneak in the backdoor?


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?