Where does the time go?

Personal / Wednesday, March 10th, 2004

Just a few minutes ago I was leaving my Consumer Banking class…and now I’m almost finished with my 2 hour hiatus…wah. By the way I do NOT envy ANYONE out there who is buying a house, or the attorney’s who deal with the mounds and mounds of paperwork involved. YUCK. This little one-credit course is causing me a great deal of stress, realizing I too will need to be an adult someday, wait, 30 isn’t an adult? Not in All Things Jen world. Damn. I grow up so quickly…and that is the problem. I have not been ready to be an adult and do adult things, and YIKES I am being suffocated by reality!

I also realized that I hope, for the sake of my future beloved, that I do not end up living— in a community property state…Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin…these states automatically look at the credit of the spouse. No individual account allowed. Yikes.

So the solution is
1. Do not live out West(ish)
2. Do not get married.
3. Do not buy a house for at least 7 years. (5 if I stay in New York)

By that time I will be an adult. 35. Real job that pays more than $20,000. Student Loans being paid off upwards of $100,000 and uh, all bad marks from childish indiscretions erased from existence off of credit record. Yeah. Not that I ever imagined owning a home anytime before I am 40…but…well.

The phrase: “I need a drink” somehow seems applicable, yet part of this whole problem, eh? Off to go fill up now…drink of choice? Coffee. : )

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