Whirlpool Jet Boat

Western New York / Saturday, July 19th, 2008

So guess what I did at work on Friday? Not much work…it was a day of *staff development*

Whirlpool Jet Boat!

Have I mentioned how much I love where I work lately?

I will admit though  without being unappreciative…I wasn’t a huge fan of the ride. I love getting wet. I love riding fast. I loved the boat. I loved being there with all my co-workers. I sat right in front of the boss who was hootin’ and hollerin’ and having a fantastic time, team building people, team building. And I LOVED the idea of being hit by waves.

BUT I wasn’t prepared for that first huge BUMP that made me fly up inches in the seat and made my leg hit the side of the boat and my ass smack down with a thud and my chest tighten up in fear as the wave CRASHED upon me getting water up my nose. Ugh. Had I known how hard it would hit I could have been more prepared but I had no idea and physically, my chest tightened in fear which had me worried instead of enjoying the splashing and the fun.

EVERYONE ELSE HAD a fantastic time.

I had an ok time. I felt like I was drowning when getting hit by the hard waves which happened about 10 times maybe the entire ride? I almost did drown as a kid at a friend’s pool party in 3rd grade, maybe that’s what hit me? I don’t go underwater when I do swim (which isn’t often) because I get swimmers ear very easily and I never mastered going underwater without getting water up your nose. When I was younger I went swimming ALL THE TIME but I wore ear plugs and nose plugs. Talk about dorky!

So yeah, I loved the boat ride and the splashing but I physically reacted with fear instead of pleasure. I probably won’t choose to do anything like this again since I was concentrating too hard on breathing in and out to have fun. Who knew?

If you’re reading boss (and you darn well might be thanks to the Buffalo News article.) Thank you!!! Everyone had a really great time. Maybe next time I will just bring nose plugs and sit in the middle.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?