Of course, Murphy’s Law—-when you want something you don’t get it. Or something like that.  Let it Snow for Christmas? Nyah.

Let it SNOW on Birthday Eve when I’m ready to go to the Southtowns to spend the night with my favorite little person in the entire world and play with the gifts Santa brought while her Mama has a night out with the girls…and then bake a Cherry Chip Birthday cake in the morning and play in the snow?


Whiteout…in the CITY no less.

Just my dumb luck. 🙁

Mind you…OF COURSE I LOVE THE SNOW. But I love my niece 1000 times more.

Winter storm lashes WNY

Facebook updates from friends.

Okay I like snow but it is snowing blowing. Lake Effect snow it is sideways. Opening warming centers for tonight. Another 4 or 5 inches over night. I like snow but not all at one time.

20 – 30 mph on the 90… arg

BOOOOO to this weather, and HATES that things have to get canceled (ie, my dinner party) as a result of it. Thanks yet again, Mother Nature. You ROCK .

Our office closed at 3:00pm today, due to the blizzard-like conditions in the city of Buffalo. What else is there to do on a long drive home in white-out conditions, than take pictures at red lights? At least it keeps the never-ending drive interesting!

snowing like crazy, took 45 mins to get home from picking the boys up. should have taking 20mins. hopefully nana and papa make it home safely. or at least to a shopping center.

The weather is deteriorating rapidly, here in Buffalo – whiteouts and spinouts, oh my!

…intensely dislikes today’s weather.

What a great day for my windsheild wipers to decide they didnt want to work anymore…

…is sipping sweet, sweet coffee in the middle of a snowstorm in balmy Buffalo, NY.

Big bucket of driving #fail in #buffalo. Left for the Galleria at 1:15, had to exit 90E @ william due to jackknifed truck. Aborted.

…is seriously displeased about the snowstorm raging out there right now.

…is watching the snow fly. Most drivers are going very slowly; if you have to go out, be careful!

Finding impossible to drag myself from my window. The whiteout is amazing, as if the world was a giant moving Robert Ryman painting.

Current weather report …. Blurrrrrrrryyyyy!

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?