Who am I?

Personal / Monday, October 23rd, 2006


I woke up this morning. And actually got out of bed. Made coffee. Took a shower. Packed lunches for me and my honey. Checked my email and Bloglines. Made breakfast for me and my honey. Took my vitamins. And even, get this, packed a bag for the GYM!!!

Who the hell am I?

Tonight when I get home I have BIG plans. Like pick up a handful of groceries, kitty litter and window treatments to stay warm. Come home and make Pork Roast with Apple Chutney something or other with some sort of potato and a delicious salad with craisins, almonds, oranges, gorgonzola cheese and raspberry dressing. Have Pumpkin Latte for dessert.

I REALLY need to do my laundry…it is out of control, but I REALLY want to be domestic Jen and stay at home with Mark and cook good food and cuddle. So who knows. The rest of my week will be jammed packed with activity and fun…Junior League, Back to the Future Party, Linda and Rhonda (friends from HS coming into town) Club Diablo Rock Show (Stephanie and Brent coming into town) Rachel’s baby shower and RON HAWKINS at Cozumel…so I think that perhaps, staying at home tonight is the best option.

Update: No gym. 1/2 my fault, 1/2 works fault. No surprise there. šŸ™

Update: Dinner. Yum.


Update: Finished reading The Awakening and Other Short Stories.

Update: Mark has new toys to play with.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?