Why not?

I’ve had a long week. Tired Jen. Although this is something I’d do tired or not.

Let me introduce you to my skirt. I’ve had this skirt for, for…gosh I have no idea how long, methinks I wore it in college? So um, at least 10 years? I LOVE this skirt. And of course I got it 10 years ago for something like $6 cause that’s just the kind of thrifty girl I am.

One day, at the place I used to work…April came up to me and said she too had this skirt years ago and loved it. Of course I never saw her wear it, she probably retired it unlike I. Over the years of much wear and little tear the bottom hem has fallen apart. For the last year or so I wore the skirt without thinking about it with the perfect one inch hem with little pieces of frayed threads hanging down and never really thought twice about it. A casual something to wear. However I wanted to wear it to the office last week and for some reason it became VERY CLEAR that I couldn’t wear it with the frayed bottom. Although I’m pretty sure I did once or twice already…

So what do I do?

Grab the duct tape from the truck. Walk in the office, say good morning, enter the bathroom, take off my skirt and get out the duct tape. The hem is smoother than you think, honest. But now what do I do come laundry time?

Crafty? Nyah. Thrifty? Somewhat. Lazy, hells yeah.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?