Wines in the Wild

Wines in the Wild. Thank you to Buffalo Spree for the two free tickets to the Buffalo Zoo: Wines in the Wild event this year! (Oh the contests on Facebook make me happy.)

Tis an event I’ve wanted to attend for sometime but never quite got into. Sadly, I’m a poor non-profit gal so $40 for a fundraiser is a bit much for me so I was quite happy to win this contest this year.

My friend Michelle and I walked through the gate promptly handed a wine glass and within approximately one minute of finding a line to stand in…got downpoured upon. I mean the skies opened and the rain fell! For a few minutes there it looked like the animals in the zoo might have started coming out in pairs and jumping on an ark.


Do we look like women who care about the rain? Heck no!

Actually the rain didn’t seem to dampen any mood, but for the poor ladies who might have been wearing white that evening. Eegads!

The rest of the evening was spent soaking wet hopping from line to long line to very long line to get samples of wine. And food. At least I heard there was food. We saw about four tents of ice cream and places where food had been served but for some reason, all the lines for *real* food were either so long it wasn’t worth trying or…the food was already gone for the night. We had an eggroll sample and a piece of bread with dipping oil and a wee cup of wedding soup.  I’m not sure where the rest of the food went but by 7:30 pm we saw a bunch of tents that looked like this…


Which only made us drink more obviously. 🙂


Responsibly, of course!


At the end of the evening this kind gentleman (who Michelle knows) pulled us out of our last wine line and poured our glasses with prosecco. Yes it is good to know people.


Delicious way to end a fun wet and wild evening!


Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?