WNY Dairy/Ag Festival

Since we are now officially *townies* of Springville (more so Concord…) we HAD to check out the Springville Annual WNY Dairy/Ag Festival in between torrential downpours this weekend! I already missed the photo op of “Drive Your Tractor to School Day” on Friday because I slept in, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get um…to do…to see…to EXPERIENCE all that is my new small town!

Baby cow. Awww. I’ve never seen a baby cow before! (Lies, damn lies! My mama married a dairy farmer!) Anyhow, they had a Name The Cow contest and HWMMS walked up to the baby and called it “Veal” I’m hoping he didn’t enter that name while I wasn’t paying attention.

Baby bunny!  Awww. I’ve never held a baby bunny before! (Lies, damn lies! I spent my early childhood living on a small rabbit farm on Route 39 in Sheridan, NY!) I seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY want bunny rabbits someday. This little dwarf wanted to come home with me but HWMMS thought otherwise.

Future Weber Conversation:

Me: What happen to the bunnies?

HWMMS: Well, while you were at work I had to take care of the kids and/or the bunnies…and I chose kids. By the way, the stew is almost ready.

I also think HWMMS was a little scared by the very nice, country lady showing us the bunnies. As well as the kiddos handing him pamphlets with comic sans font about joining their church.

“I swear, they lure you in with something soft and cuddly and them BAM! You have a pamphlet!” -HWMMS

As usual we stopped to talk to the Blacksmith.

And we took a quick peek inside the Concord Mercantile Building, which was infinitely more exciting than seeing some of the vendors stationed outside…Avon? Tastefully Simple?

“Do we need any Tupperware?” -HWMMS

No festival is complete without a rousing game of “I Got It” even if we didn’t get…it…and only ended up with a few more games instead of the glass chess set that was sitting next to the electric skillet, circa 1984. And once again HWMMS seemed slightly frightened by the kind, but quite older and slightly coughing lady sitting beside him.

“Help, I think this lady next to me i going to die right here at the I Got It!” -HWMMS

Yep, this is where we are going to raise our kiddos and spend lots of money in the future for amusement rides for years to come!

I love it.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?