Work, Work, Work…

Ok, more like play, play, play but my goodness it takes a lot of time to maintain  lovely herb, flower and vegetable gardens. NOT COMPLAINING of course, spending time at Home Depot several times a week during my career sabbatical is very rewarding.

Plants and a Weed Wacker

Especially when I convince Husband Who Makes Me Smile (HWMMS) to buy more flowers! And, yes I’m good…I nudged him along to get a power toy weed wacker so he would be distracted!


My neighbor bestie Cindy taunted me when she texted this picture on Friday…I was jealous NEED MORE FLOWERS! Between our two yards we are going to have all the flowers and all the fruits and all the veggies you could ever dream of!!! AH, sweet country living.


I planted these two lilies on the far side of the rose garden. The daisies are going to go along the side of the red barn in the backyard. And the marigolds are going strategically in the veggie garden along the edges to deter those slugs and other bugs.

Roses and Cilantro

Tis the day’s bounty. Roses from the garden that I simply had to cut down because they were out of control. And cilantro…which I used for dinner. Mmm.

(I never want to go back to work.)

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?