I got an email from my college today announcing that Mr. Wayne Brady will be appearing. Yay. Love Wayne Brady, and it wouldn’t be bad to visit the old stomping grounds too.

Except, this is the weekend of the Junior League Black Tie event for Show House. Which I am certainly not paying for because I cannot afford it, but I am going to be attending by volunteering to watch the clipboards for the silent auction. 😉 Everyone wins!

Anyhow, my point was…

In the email from Allegheny this was also mentioned.

While on campus, stop by Grounds for Change, Allegheny’s student-run coffee house, to celebrate its ten-year anniversary. Grounds for Change is located on the second floor of the Campus Center. Happy Birthday, Grounds For Change!

How can they have an anniversary for something that DIDN’T EXIST WHEN I WAS A STUDENT?

Old. Old. Old.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?