X vs. Y

In honor of our Domestic Partnership I decided to gift ourselves something we would put on a registry. Silverware.

After all it was the Friday Sale and I only paid $14.99 for the set. And it really is time to put the Christmas silverware away for the season.

I guess the one part I didn’t expect was to find that every single one of the 53 pieces was individually wrapped. What a freaking waste of packaging! (The entire set fit into one of those little brown boxes, so why they felt inclined to put two more in the packaging beats the heck out of me.)

So anyway…I had many pieces of silverware in the wash. Mark comes in the kitchen while I am making Chai and is standing there looking for something.

“Mark, whatcha looking for?”

“The Ice Cream Scoop.”

“Oh, in the wash, I didn’t get to it yet.”

Being the woman I am, I fully expect to hear splashing of the water…instead, I see Mark is still looking for something.

“Mark, whatcha looking for now?”

“The rice spoon.”

“Rice spoon?” (What the?)

“Yeah, the plastic spoon we use for rice and ice crea…here it is.”

“That? You mean the SPOON REST?” (Uncontrollable laughter ensues, and actually started up again when I typed these words.)

“Well, who’s is it? Not mine.”

(Still laughing) “Yeah, but I thought you would actually clean the ice cream scoop…instead you use the spoon rest?”

“Y chromosome + 40 years + living with girlfriend = genetic code for not washing ice cream scoop. And the spoon rest works fine for ice cream.”

Yes, yes it does.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?