Yeah, I know

I could say 100 things right now. But I am tired, and I would like others to talk for me.

A friend from college sent this to another friend…who passed her wisdom on to me. So true. And I’m a runner. I was talking about this with my brother and his wife today. Apparently? I have been training for a marathon my whole life, back in college and here in Buffalo, EXCEPT— I choose good people for me, for real, when they are far away-hence making it utterly impossible ever, to become something real.

My current *ongoing* problem is, I’m convinced I know the man I want to stop running from, and I just can’t imagine my world not ending up entwined with his. Not now, but someday, makes it kinda hard to think about finding someone closer to home. I don’t think anyone here could come close to catching me…ever, like he did. YET I am the one who RAN away, twice…afraid of having something real. I would rather sabotage a relationship that needed more time, than to let myself believe that someone out there, actually wanted, liked and cared for, Me. Not the me I want to be. Not the me I could be, Just plain and not so plain…ol’ me.

“Everyone is inherently a runner or a chaser. We’re both runners. So are most of the people we know. But eventually you find one that you can’t find a reason to run away from, so you don’t, and then you turn around one day and realize that it’s been three months with no running and you’ve never been happier and you don’t want it to end. Ever. It’ll happen. When it’s the right guy for you, it’ll happen. It will totally sneak up on you and whap you upside the head. But it’ll happen.”

And then this…from Digital Catharsis

“You want to know what’s scary? Truly terrifying? Having the courage to let her go when every fiber of your body wants nothing more than just to hold her tight. And you people think rock climbing is hard. The view from the edge of a cliff is nothing compared to the vertigo of your own heart.”

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?