Life is busy when you find yourself the *other* staff member for an organization who has an Executive Director who’s been with the organization from day one leaving today at the same time that the organization is bringing in a new Executive Director to transition.

All the while I have my very own full-time plate filled with things that need to be accomplished…in addition to helping to wrap things up and transition things over.

Oh yeah, and while knowing that my position is shifted to part-time with the hiring of the new full time Director and while considering the very real possibility that I will be elsewhere myself by the end of the month.

Did I mention that there are only two staff members?

If I haven’t been in touch, it’s because I’m (emotionally) a pile of goo at the end of the work day…and just want to be left alone with no one asking me or telling me or requesting from me or speaking to me or wanting me. I just need to vent, get it off my chest and then be alone.

So much transition. Just one me.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?