Health & Wellness / Tuesday, May 1st, 2007


Thanks to everyone who sent words of encouragement on my 1st day. No, I mean it, I was really touched, so much so that I made it to Day #2 (which isn’t in the workout plan)

Mark teaches Wing Chun on Tuesday nights and this evening I have a HOT date with my friend Karen to see DIRTY DANCING! However, before both of these activities started, we did a set and a half on a Yoga Workout Video.


I have been mistaken more than once as a person who must do yoga. Why? Apparently I am quite flexible with some of the poses. I am a sit on the floor kind of low key gal, which has always allowed for some smooth looking moves. I have dabbled in yoga a wee bit and have a few videos, but nothing for real. Mark on the other hand, has been in classes in Rochester with Dougnuts and has been wanting to get back into it for sometime now. You know, that all around training to become a world class MMA fighter (ahem)

So today? I realized there are a lot of poses that come naturally to me. And others that are nearly impossible (which usually involve the chest (huge) and bending over my (huge) stomach to flatten out my back. Ha! Yeah right…) I also have always been cautious because of that chest tear injury when I was a kid.

But? I am on Day #2 and somehow still alive. Thanks for the encouragement, it seriously brightened my day. (Happy tears K10, happy ones.)

Now on to the pechanga!

“Little wimp. He wouldn’t know a new idea if it hit him in the pachenga… “

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?