You Are the Universe?

Books, Mind and Spirit, TV / Friday, April 21st, 2017

You Are the Universe? Apparently the Universe wants me to watch this show right now on WNED/PBS.

You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters

I just walked in Weber Wonderland after dropping mom off at the home. Hmm, the TV is still on, I thought HWMMS said he was going to turn it off, no biggie…

The show currently on is The Toy Box which is pretty adorable but almost over, so I go to flip the station to the last channel I was watching, which was BBC and Star Trek (I think there was a marathon happening…)


Somehow the channel is on PBS and Deepak Chopra is talking about the Universe.

Hmmmm, I *guess* I’m listening…

I mean why not? What are the chances I would stumble upon this show? Um, zero EXCEPT FOR THIS MOMENT. So let’s see what it’s all about. (Um, It’s only been 10 minutes in and snooze, it feels like an exceptionally boring episode of Nova right now…)

One thing I know, I don’t question these things anymore, I just go with it.

Update – an hour later:


HWMMS came upstairs and asked what the heck I was watching. I tried to make myself feel normal by saying “oh it’s PBS, you know WNED pledge drive is presenting a show about the Universe…sort of like Nova.”


He watches for about a minute and says “it looks like a bad self-help video.”

And then he went back downstairs.

I cannot tell a lie (and I love me some PBS and love WNED…but…) it feels more than self-helpy. It sounds like a cult-o-merical for Sciencetology.  And I’m still watching cause it has to redeem itself, right? It’s Deepak! It’s WNED?

5 Reasons Humans Suffer

4. You’ve confused yourself with your selfie.


Or maybe not.

“I am the Universe.”

Oh boy.

Oh boy oh boy. It’s so bad. So, so bad. The show itself and watching the WNEDsters try to hawk me the complete CD collection that will save myself and the world—who told me to hang on to the last minute.

Well, I’m now at the last minute of this horrifically low-budget cheezy, no fake spray can cheezy production and wondering why I didn’t listen to my instinct in the beginning that it was going to be AWFUL.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Is that the lesson here?

Dear Self,

Trust yourself, yo.

P.S. Just say no to Dreamweaver glasses. (OH MY GOD.)



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