Washington has sucked the life blood out of me.

Personal, Travel / Friday, March 5th, 2004

that with the weather as beautiful as it is…70 something…I would be in a much better mood. But no…

Washington has sucked the life blood out of me.


No sleep last night…woke up way too early, for an early visit to the White House, where we were supposed to have a nice tour…(With T/D) instead we were patronized and sent through the ropes course with the rest of the herd…through a different entrance. (There is a funny story in this one though, I’m just not up for it right now…)

THEN we headed over to Borders for coffee and a little browsing. Nice time.

Then we headed to Chinatown for tall pizza and infused berry vodka and mini cheeseburger…at least that is what I had. A little bit o’ stress between Lil Brother and myself…nothing a martini couldn’t fix. Sorry Dayna! (Fun story about table here…)

Then to the SPY MUSEUM, where I wanted to see Sydney Bristol…That was kinda neat. It was a *must see* I think it was an OK see…$13 for admission….vs. gorgeous day in D.C. and touring the monuments for free…I chose wrongly.

Then we touched and went our separate ways…I headed over to GW for Crossfire. YES for Tucker Carlson! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HISS to MARTHA STEWART for fucking up the regularly planned show. Because of her damn verdict, everyone was frazzled and trying to figure out the script at the last minute. The show was not good. Tucker, adorable. But a terrible show. Fuck you Martha for ruining my Tucker moment…(discussion was supposed to be about #2 for Kerry…you know the political junkie fantasy football episode…) Wraaugh. (Not sure what that sound is.) No one in the studio seemed pleased. Boring. Snooze.

And then on the Metro during rush hour back to Arlington…where I’m patiently waiting once again for my good little federal employee to stop working so I can spend anytime whatsoever with him. Yeah, he did not make to Crossfire. I got to sit next to very talkative educated crazy liberal lady—who talked about her children the entire 60 minutes we waited. So polite I can be.

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?