I am drinking CHOCOLATE CHERRY COFFEE this morning.

I was grinding the beans and mmmmmmmmm did they smell good! A full pot for me!

And the best part?
It smells JUST LIKE Cherry Chip Cake!*
And tastes like it too…

*Cherry Chip Cake is my most favourite box cake mix in the entire world. And for some STUPID reason, I cannot find it in the grocery stores in WNY. TOPS international was the only place I found it at. Of course, I can find Cherry Chip cake across the border in Canada.

Customs: “What is your purpose for this visit?”
Me: “Um, to buy Cherry Chip cake.”

Don’t doubt me, Erin and I went to Canada once for Allegra and chocolate (and Cherry Chip cake) and we DID declare chocolate as our purpose. 😉

Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?